Jonathan Zittrain: “Great Teacher”

Back in 2000, my eagerness to go to Harvard Law School was driven by one factor above all others: I wanted to become an expert on “Internet Law,” and move to Silicon Valley.  (To be fair, it was 2000, and the idea of “Internet Law” as a separate field wasn’t as ridiculous-sounding as it might be today.)  In those days, Harvard was the best place to do this — even better than Stanford — thanks to the school’s Berkman Center, led by Jonathan Zittrain.

I got in to Harvard, worked for a while at the Berkman Center (just helping put together its newsletter series), did entry-level editing for the Harvard Journal of Law and Technology.  And most importantly, I signed up for two of Professor Zittrain’s classes: a big lecture, and a small reading group.

But by my “2L” year, my interests had shifted, and I moved on to study other areas of the law.  Still, my time in Zittrain’s classes, and my outside reading, stuck with me among my favorite law-school memories.

Well, a decade later, Harvard has only redoubled its leading role on questions of law and technology.  And that is largely attribuable to Professor Zittrain.  And so I highly recommend Harvard’s new video tribute to him: “Jonathan Zittrain: In the Classroom.