On Obamacare, Judge Friendly, and “Independent” Agencies

It’s a busy week for my writing hobby, as three of my articles all came out at once.

First, on Saturday, The Weekly Standard published my thoughts on Obamacare’s prospects before the Supreme Court. (My article already has received generous mention by Ed Whelan and Michael Greve.) Better still, I benefitted from the work of the Standard‘s peerless

Second, and also on Saturday, the Wall Street Journal published my review of David Dorsen’s excellent new book, Henry Friendly, Greatest Judge of His Era. (Here, too, I benefitted enormously from the Journal’s design team, which coupled my article with great photos.) I highly recommend the book.

Finally, this morning National Affairs published my article on “independent” agencies and the president’s failure to take responsibility for their misdeeds.

And these three come on the heels of two other publications. Last month, Commentary published my thoughts on the late constitutional scholar, Alexander Bickel, to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of his classic, The Least Dangerous Branch. And the Library of Law & Liberty generously invited me to respond to Professor Richard Epstein on the Supreme Court’s recent First Amendment cases.

In short, it’s been a busy few months. And that’s on top of my day job. Words can’t express how patient and generous my family has been in recent weeks.