Robert Kaplan on Solitude

While on the subject of solitude, I can’t help but think back to the extended C-Span “In Depth” interview with Robert Kaplan, back in 2005.  In that interview, as in almost every “In Depth,” the show cuts to a brief visit to the author’s home or office; that’s always my favorite part of the show, and Kaplan’s is probably the best of the best: his home office in Stockbridge, Masschusetts.

Talk about an ideal place to work.  Kaplan reflects, “I’m here in the country, in western Massachusetts, so I’m not inundated with colleagues’ opinions.  I find that writing, the more solitary and lonely it is, the more special and powerful is the result.”

See for yourself: cue to the 1:06:30 mark of the video, here.

P.S.  Ranking right behind Kaplan, in terms of awesome In Depth workplace profiles, is James McPherson.  C-Span actually ran an entire 40-minute profile of his home office in Princeton, New Jersey; unfortunately, the web video is garbled.  But a short clip is available on YouTube.